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Slick Luxury™-Handcrafted Jade Roller & Guasha Kit

This Jade & Guasha kit works like a charm. I decided to add the treatment to my facial because of the amazing benefits, like depuffing the face, brightening the complexion, reducing dark circles, rosacea, and smoothing fine lines.

Mary Jane - ✅ Verified Slick Luxury Customer


Just as our bodies experience stress in the form of shoulders hunched over a computer, or headaches from tension, our faces hold stress in the form of furrowed browsand clenched jaws. As we age, our lymphatic system becomes compromised by things like lack of sleep, hormonal changes,and high blood pressure. 



Jade Roller gives you an instant lift by de-puffing and releasing tension. Crafted from pure Xiuyan jade stone, it boosts collagen production. It is the modern take on an ancient beauty ritual that is blowing up on Instagram this year as an aesthetic treatment to improve the look and feel of your skin.



Gua Sha is a traditional Eastern Asian practice that translates in English to “scraping the pain away". It helps retrain the muscles of the face and helps in strengthening, lifting, and toning. It radically improves dark circles, edema, eye bags, eyelids, hyperpigmentation, and roughness.



Crystal-infused gemstones have been used for centuries because they work without fail. It is the practice of applying a cold sensation and pressure to an area that helps with brightening your complexion, reducing puffiness, and stimulating lymphatic drainage.


Reasons our product will transform your life


✅ Tension Relief-Our face and neckhold a lot of tension. Using deep pressure with Jade and Gua Sha will really get into sticky knotted areas to release held muscular tension. Relaxing our facial muscles regularly also prevents and fades light expression lines



✅ Natural Facelift-The unique edges of stones work perfectly to lift, sculpt, and tighten the skin. Regular use will prevent the signs of aging such as sagging, dull, and wrinkled skin. The increased blood flow contributes to a more lively, plumped up, and youthful appearance. 



✅ Reduce Puffiness-The kit does wonders for getting rid of puffiness or under-eye discoloration, as it removes excess fluid and improves blood flow. The naturally cooling sensation helps to calm the skin, depuff, and soothe inflammation. 



✅ Glowing Skin-No flow, no glow! Gua Sha combined with Jade Roller increases circulation and improves lymphatic function, resulting in a naturally dewy, glowing complexion. The kit will also prevent and clear acne, decongest the skin, and lessen inflammation



✅ Detoxifying- Gua Sha & Jade imparts a truly holistic effect on the body. The manual movement stimulates our natural detoxification process, helping our organs function optimally by breaking up stagnation, flowing debris, and toxins within the body for easier expulsion.



✅ Boost the efficacy of skincare products-By giving your circulation a boost, it increases the efficacy of your skincare products like creams, serums, and facial oils. In this way, those juicy phytonutrients go deeper into the layers of skin to feed us even more hydration.  



Imagine you are very gently rolling all the toxin build-up outwards and downwards. The Jade combined with Gua Sha will help to sculpt the features – by way of encouraging drainage and toning slackening muscles – which feeds our collective compulsion to contour. This kit will provide a more effective manual massage than your hands alone while being gentle and safe. Pamper yourselfand include this kit in your skincare regimen.


6 Rules for Jade Roller



1. Prep your base: Start by gently cleansing and moisturizing your face and neck, then use a facial oil or serum to coat the area. This will help the tools to glide easily.


2. Star at your neck and work your way up: For optimal lymphatic drainage, always start by opening up the neck. You must release tension from the neck in order to treat the face.


3. Chin and jaw: Next, start from the center of your chin and sweep across your jawline until you reach your ear. 


4. Work the cheeks: Starting at the crease beside your nose, sweep outwards across your cheek until you reach your ear. 


5. Be gentle with your under-eyes: Apply super-light pressure, gliding the Jade from the inner corner of the eye to the temple. 


6. Moisturize generously: Finish off your facial massage by applying a gentle facial moisturizer.




3 Rules for Doing Gua Sha



Rule 1: Use your Gua Sha at a 15-degree angle (almost flat) as you massage your skin; This is so the stone will come in contact with your skin and benefit it through healing and rejuvenating properties.


Rule 2: Using the fingers of your free hand as traction, gently glide the tool along the skin using sweeping, upward strokes following through into the hairline.


Rule 3: Make sure your pressure is firm on certain areas like the neck and jaw and light and gentle on the rest. That will give the best results.



Pro tip: Keep the facial jade roller and Guasha in the fridge and it will help to eradicate morning puffiness.


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