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Slick Luxury™-Nano-Atomization Ultrasonic Fragrance Diffuser

Dark Grey

This diffuser really got into my heart. The humidity in my house had dropped to 29% and my skin was showing it. The vibe of my house has completely changed and I am loving it!

Tabitha R- ✅ Verified Slick Luxury Customer


Dry air causes a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms to your skin. Whether it's due to the winter cold or the heat of summer if the humidity levels dip down to between 20-30% your skin starts to lose its moisturecausing dry, itchy, and flaky skin.



Our Nano Atomization Ultra Sonic Diffuser will counteract these problems by adding moisture to the air. It is an upbeat and vibrant diffuser with a sleek design. It produces a cool mist with the help of ultrasonic vibrations which solves dry air problems. 



Incorporate Aromatherapy by adding essential oils to the Ultrasonic Diffuser, to promote mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. This will help you to reduce stress and anxiety and provide a soothing environment for relaxation.



As the molecules from the Ultrasonic Diffuser reach the brain, they positively affect the limbic system, which is linked to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance. Our Diffuser will have a subtle, yet holistic effect on your body and your overall mood.

 Reasons our product will transform your life


✅ Moisturize Your Skin and Lips-Using an ultrasonic diffuser to add moisture to the air in your home can help naturally rehydrate your skin which is particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. 



✅ Protect Your Throat-When exposed to indoor air that has too little moisture, your vocal cords will become dry and scratchy. Maintaining the optimallevels of humidity in your home will help lubricate and soothe your throat.



✅ Flu Germs-By using it in your home during flu season, you will create an environment that is less favorable for influenza to survive, thus decreasing your chances of catching it. 



✅ Soothe Your Sinuses-Low humidity is notorious for drying out your sinus passages which can lead to discomfort in the nose, sinus pressure, and headaches. Having the optimal levels of humidity in the air will soothe your sinuses and clear out the excess mucus so you can breathe more freely.



✅ Save Money- Having an Ultrasonic Diffuser running in the winter will help keep temperatures at a comfortable level, without putting extra strain on your heater.  It uses vibrations to vaporize water instead of electricity, which helps to reduce heating bills over winter.



✅ Reduce Snoring-Insufficient moisture in the air causes the nose to become congested which compels you to breathe through your mouth. Having the optimal levels of humidity in the air will ease the dryness, and reduce your snoring.



✅ Humidify Houseplants-Decorating your home with the lush green of real plants has been proven to improve well being. When the air is too dry, it will lead to leaf loss and stunted growth. Our Diffuser will maintain the moisture levels for the plants to thrive.



✅ Car Humidification-Put our diffuser in your car to purify the dirty air and have a fresh feeling with the cool mist and humidification.



✅ Reduced Skin Care Costs-Dry skin causes acne, as pores become blocked by dead skin cells. Investing in a diffuser will help soothe dry skin and will save you the money spent on skincare products to keep your skin hydrated.



Imagine coming home after a tiring and busy day at work and the dynamic combination of Aromatherapy and Cool Mist Diffuserinstantly elevates your mood and takes all the stress away from you. You will have the same refreshing feeling as if you are standing near a waterfall. There will be a relaxed, soothing environmentand you and your family will love the new vibe of your home! 



Spraying Operation


1-Click the Power button, start the Continuous Spraying Mode;


2-Click it again to start the Intermittent Spray Mode ( 3 seconds On/Off)


Night Lamps Operation


1-Press the power button for 3 seconds to start the Warm White Mode of the night lamp;


2-Press the button again for 3 seconds for 7 colors Gradual-Change Mode




Package Includes

  • 1 x 300ml Nano-Atomization Ultrasonic Fragrance Diffuser
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 5 x Filters
  • 1 x User Manual



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