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Slick Luxury™-Portable Travel Dog Water Bottle


Great product. My puppy really appreciates her own water bottle, whatever she doesn't finish can be drained back into the bottle which saves water for later on.

Tara P - ✅ Slick Luxury Verified Customer 


80% of a dog's body is water which helps the body filter waste and regulates body temperature. Dehydration is the last thing you want on your mind as a dog parent. Prolonged dehydration can lead to, lethargy, poor circulation, an elevated heart rate, and ultimately life-threatening organ failure. 



Our Portable Dog Bottle is a must-have for every dog parent. Ensure thirst is quenched no matter where you are. Portable dog water is a great asset for regular walks in the neighborhood, trips to dog parks, and long hikes.



Gone are the days of bringing a bulky bag with a water bottle and a drinking bowl separately. Our pet water bottle solves this problem as it has a bowl built-in. Your dog will drink more water, and less will go on the ground. No wasted water, no mess, and no extra bowl needed.


Reasons our product will transform your life


✅ Easy to a use-It is designed to be easily used with just one hand. Use thumb to dispense the water with the button, feed your dog, retract the remaining water, and lock the bottle. All this whilst letting you keep a hold of your dog's leash with your other hand



✅ Safe, Eco-Friendly & Durable-It is made of high-quality food-grade material which is reliable, durable, and BPA free. Treat your pet to a healthy drink anytime and anywhere. Never ever worry about your pet getting hurt from any toxins



✅ Leak Proof Design-Our bottle will not leak when you go walking, hiking, or camping. The dispenser is designed with a silica gel seal ring and a lock button which prevents water leakageefficiently.  



✅ Portable & Lightweight-We made it this way so you don't think twice before taking your bottle with you to the beach, walking, hiking, or traveling on any adventure. You can put this dog portable water bottle into your backpack, shoulder pack, or hang it on your hand with sling rope.



✅ Healthy Alternative To Public Water Bowls-Nothing worries a dog parent more than wondering whether your furry friend should drink from a public drinking water bowlBringing your own water will eliminate the need to let your dog drink from water bowls as they can carry plenty of bacteria.




Imagine this, with a portable dog bottle you will never have to worry about the hydration level of your dog and you and your dog can enjoy hiking, a day out in the park, evening walks, and playtime at the beach. Dogs can’t ask for water when they are thirsty and water is the most important part of a dog's diet, so it is a great idea to invest in a stylish portable dog water bottle.


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