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Slick Luxury™-Calm Wireless 3D Bluetooth Sleep Mask

2020 New 3D Black
2020 New 3D Striped Gray
2020 New 3D Pink

This is so comfortable. The memory gel contouring for your eyes and nose are just heaven. Finally getting some good quality sleep!

Suzzaine K - ✅ Verified Slick Luxury Customer


Do you ever drag yourself to your room completely exhausted only to find that you’re wide awake once you crawl under the covers?. The reason is blue light which is everywhere. According to a recent study, only 21 percent of Americans are getting the recommended sleep of seven to eight hours a night.



Our Calm Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Mask solves this problem in one of the most ingenious ways. By combining headphones with an eye-mask, it will block out extraneous noise and light. Our brains are hard-wired into associating darkness with sleep, and they produce more melatonin when they sense an absence of light.



The padding of the Bluetooth eye mask is made from memory foam, with a smooth, cool-breathing cotton-polyester inner lining which provides a soft and comfortable feeling. The contours of the eyes area are deeper which means no pressure is applied to your eyes, resulting in comfortable and long-lasting sleep.



According to Harvard Medical School in a recent study, the use of sleep masks and earplugs led to deeper quality sleep. Headphones and earbuds can fall off easily during the night and this is where our Bluetooth Eye Mask will let music accompany you fall into sleep efficiently without enduring any earbuds in ears.



Reasons our product will transform your life


✅ Improve Your Sleep and Health-By sitting directly over your eyes the Bluetooth eye mask will create a pitch-black environment in the brightest of bedrooms granting the total darkness you deserve for great sleep. 



✅ Minimize Distractions-Seconds after crawling into bed, we feel the urge to check our phones. Screens increase our alertness at precisely the wrong time. Our mask is the perfect antidote to this unhealthy compulsion. By putting yours on the minute you get into bed, you establish a boundary between yourself and your smartphone.



✅ Protect Your Skin-When you sleep without a mask in place, contact with your pillow can stretch the skin surrounding your eyes. If you’re concerned about crow’s feet and other kinds of wrinkled skin around your eyes, then our Sleep mask will help you a lot.



✅ Terrific For Travel-Planes, trains, and automobiles are hardly ideal sleep environments. But our calming masks will go a long way towards creating your own sleep sanctuary, even amid the chaos. 



✅ Prevent Puffiness-It is a condition when you have bags around your eyes as you awake. It occurs when you’re short on sleep, so our calming mask will help you simply by ensuring that you get more rest.



✅ Treat Dry Eyes-Those with chronically dry eyes know just how uncomfortable mornings can be. Our mask provides a protective cocoon as you sleep, allowing you to wake without irritation.



✅ Mitigate Migraines-For people in the throes of a migraine, even the smallest exposure to light can be excruciating. Light sensitivity is a common feature of chronic migraines. Our sleep mask provides the total darkness you crave when a migraine hits.



✅ Weighted for Extra Relaxation-There is scientific research supported by the National Sleep Foundation that the power of touch improves sleep quality. According to experts, weighted sleep masks like ours provide a pleasant sense of relaxation. 



✅ Machine Washable-The fabric liner is separated from the stitching so that the Bluetooth module can be taken out and you can wash the eye mask.



Imagine listening to your favorite audios with your eyes completely closed and relaxed. You can listen to your favorite podcast, white noise music, soft tunes, audiobooks, and those relaxing ASMR sounds on Youtube. You can take this portable sleep mask anywhere. It is a cost-effective investment in your health with life-saving benefits.



13 Hours Playtime

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